Here’s an interesting insight about last night’s Super Bowl viewing in the data that TiVo collects from 30,000 DVR users — which shows what they watched live, as well as what they went back to watch again. All of the 10 most-watched ads aired in the first half of the game. But the audience for the game itself recovered after plummeting during the third-quarter power outage at the Superdome to the most-watched moment: the whistle signaling the end of the game. Taco Bell wins bragging rights among advertisers for capturing viewer attention with its “Live Mas” spot, which showed residents of a retirement community sneaking out for a night of carousing. It was followed by Doritos’ “Goat For Sale,” Hyundai Santa Fe’s “Pick Your Team,” Doritos’ “Tea Party,” and’s “Perfect Date.”

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TiVo’s Llive+Same Day chart shows Beyonce’s halftime show spiking above any moment from the first half. Views were even bigger for for the start of the third quarter, with the kickoff leading to the 108-yard touchdown return by the Baltimore Ravens’ Jacoby Jones. That could have stood as the most-watched moment, especially after the electrical blackout. But as the San Francisco 49ers’ surged back into the game, views picked up. The second-most-watched moment was the 49ers’ 2-point safety moments before the end. And the third top moment was Michael Crabtree’s dropped ball at the 3-yard line that set up the 49ers for their fourth-down attempt to score.

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