EXCLUSIVE: Smokewood Entertainment has just inked a script deal for Killshot, a feature thriller set against the backdrop of the topsecret CIA program that researched and utilized a teachable psychic-based protocol called Remote Viewing for use in real-world military spy operations and battlefield situations. Screenwriter Paige Cameron, who’s writing a Salvador Dali film for Imagine Entertainment, has been tapped to develop and co-write the script with Oscar-nominated Precious producer Sarah Siegel-Magness. Siegel-Magness will produce with her husband and Smokewood co-founder Gary Magness.

Siegel-Magness called Cameron “a gifted storyteller who is a quickly emerging talent. We are both proud to be able to bring this factual story into the light and explore its implications for the future as well as the part we, as a society, play in shaping that future through our thoughts and beliefs.”

Partly inspired by the real-life involvement of decorated military intelligence officer Major Ed A. Dames (U.S. Army Ret.), Killshot will explore the current and future world events the technique has possibly uncovered as well as the international Remote Viewing programs known to be used by several governments during the Cold War, and thought likely to still be in current use. Dames will co-produce. Said Magness: “Having Major Ed Dames as a team member and source of such detailed and sensitive material is a privilege!”

Magness and Cameron are repped by Paradigm’s David Boxerbaum.