Wendy Williams just announced the formation of her own production company and now has a client. Oxygen Media has signed Williams to a development deal in which her company will find, develop and produce original programming. She will also serve as an executive producer on Oxygen’s new in-development project Secret Celebrity, which is part of the network’s plan to expand its schedule of original programming from two to three nights a week. Williams will also appear as a guest judge on the modeling competition series The Face, which premieres February 12.

In addition to Secret Celebrity, which features celebrities in disguise who surprise unsuspecting fans, Oxygen said today in advance of its upfront event that it has a new pilot, This Week The Award Goes To…, a comedic talk show that offers up over-the-top awards to pop culture figures. It joins a 2013 lineup that includes returning series I’m Having Their Baby, the network’s highest-rated new series last season, and tattoo competition series Best Ink with new host Pete Wentz.

Here’s the network’s description of the new projects:


“Secret Celebrity” (working title)

This fast-paced, humorous project will put today’s hottest stars right out among the public anonymously – courtesy of prosthetic makeup– to find out what unsuspecting fans, friends and family really think of them without the distraction of their famous personas. Produced by T Group Productions with Jenny Daly, Mike Duffy, Wendy Williams and Gunnar Wetterberg serving as Executive Producers.


“This Week The Award Goes To…” (working title)

This self-contained half-hour pilot will offer viewers a front row ticket to an over-the-top laugh-out-loud pop culture show with a comedian host to be named soon. Visited by a revolving door of characters and correspondents, the most deserving newsmakers will be honored with the kind of award that only this out-of-the-box series can bestow. Whether it’s an award for “Most Eccentric Breakdown” or “Craziest Viral Video,” statuettes highlight the most unbelievable, ridiculous, and eye-popping moments in entertainment. Throughout the show, we will present clips and highlights from the worlds of television, online and celebrity gossip with a healthy mix of irony and genuine fan-girl zeal. A weekly “In Memoriam” sketch is sure to bring tears…of laughter. Produced by JimCo with Jim Biederman, Marla Ratner, Gabe Liedman and Kara Welker serving as Executive Producers.