It’s too early to post my 2013 Hollywood Oscar party roundup. But unlike 2012 when fewer media, organizations, and swells were throwing bashes, this year almost has returned to normal. Barry Diller’s Oscar weekend mogul picnic on Saturday afternoon for Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter is back on after its 2012 hiatus. But my pal Dani Janssen’s after-the-Oscars party on Sunday night is cancelled again for the second straight year. There are still Oscar weekend’s agency parties — Hildy Gottlieb’s ICM party Thursday night, and then Jim Berkus’ UTA party and Ari Emanuel’s WME fete and Bryan Lourd’s CAA bash Friday night. Harvey Weinstein’s doing it up big this year. So are the major studios with all their nominations. And there’s the fundraisers like Jeffrey Katzenberg’s ‘Night Before’ party for the Motion Picture & Television Fund and the blowout for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. As for my pal Dani, she’s keeping the door open next year to hold her very private penthouse party for Hollywood’s Triple-A list that no one can crash. Now Vanity Fair‘s 2013 Oscar night bash will be just as crowded as last year. I had to decline the mag’s dinner & viewing invitation because I’ll be live-snarking the Academy Awards for the 7th straight year. Don’t forget to join me!

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