MTV will debut the first half of its 24-episode third season of Teen Wolf on Monday, June 3 at 10 PM. Based on the 1985 movie about a high school student-turned-werewolf, Season 3 will feature new (hairy) faces in Beacon Hills including Charlie and Max Carver as twin Alpha werewolves Ethan and Aiden; Gideon Emery as Deucalion, leader of the Alpha werewolves; Felisha Terrell as Kali, an Alpha werewolf; and Adelaide Kane as Cora, a tough 17-year-old who has ties to the Beacon Hills werewolf line. Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden return to star. In its second season, the show was the No. 1 cable series among persons 12-34 in its time period and averaged a 1.6 rating, a 7% increase over Season 1.