A stuntwoman who says she was injured on the set of Justified during a late night shoot in 2011 today sued Sony Pictures and various individuals connected with the FX series. Citing “severe and permanent physical and mental injuries,” Lisa Hoyle and her husband Robert Jakubik have filed a suit (read it here) for Negligence, Premises Liability and Loss of Consortium for injuries the Stuntchicks employee suffered during a car crash stunt on February 3, 2011 at Santa Clarita Studios. While Hoyle and her husband don’t specify any dollar amount in their complaint, they are certainly looking for more than loose change. The nine-page filing seeks general damages “in an amount to be proven at trial” as well as loss of earnings, loss of earning capacity, legal fees, “medical and related expenses” and “other and further general and special damages in a sum according to proof at the time of trial” and further relief as the court “deems just and proper.” The plaintiffs are requesting a five-to-seven day jury trial in the matter. The defendants in the case are Sony Pictures Entertainment, Woodridge Productions, Santa Clarita Studios Corp, Don Kurt, Gary Lennon, Mark Glick, Susan Carpenter, Alison Troy and over two dozen other unnamed individuals. (UPDATE – Woodridge Productions, Kurt, Lennon, Glick, Troy and Carpenter were dismissed as defendants in the suit in the spring of 2013)

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Filed in LA Superior Court on Friday, the suit says that Hoyle and Allan Robinson, another stuntperson hired for the show, were standing next to a parked car that was supposed to be hit. Claiming that she was never invited to the on-set safety meeting and that other proper procedures were not followed, Hoyle says she did not know that the car she was standing next to was going to be directly impacted. The resulting crash pushed “the parked car into Hoyle running over Hoyle’s’ ankle and impacting Hoyle’s body and head, knocking her to the ground unconscious,” says the complaint. The stuntwoman was left with an open head fracture, soft tissue injuries as well as bruising and cuts. The accident also impacted her marriage to Jakubik, resulting in “temporary loss of aid, love, comfort and society” and eventually the couple separating. The plaintiffs are represented by Federico Sayre and Adam L. Salarnoff of Santa Anna firm Sayre & Levitt.