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Indie Films2013 has been blasé at best for specialty box office. Thank goodness for the likes of Amour and Quartet. Although the first six weeks of the year have been otherwise dismal, it’s been good for Sony Pictures Classics. This weekend SPC scored with its Chilean Oscar-nominated feature No with an $18,619 average from four theaters. Thedistrib has also fared well with multiple Academy Award nominee Amour, which undertook a major expansion going into its third month in release, and its holdover Oscar-nominated documentary The Gatekeepers has maintained momentum. The Weinstein Company’s Quartet added more venues in its sixth weekend, actually increasing its per screen average from the previous weekend. Newcomers this weekend included Sundance Selects’ (IFC Films) Like Someone In Love, which bowed in three cinemas, averaging $7,615. The distributor, which also rolled out The Jeffrey Dahmer Files, which is available on VOD and was a midnight screening at the IFC Theater in New York exclusively, declined to report figures.

In its biggest expansion of its release, SPC added 181 runs for Amour, which is up for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Foreign Language film and more. The French-language feature averaged $2,355 in its 9th weekend of release, grossing $720,614 with a cume of just under $4M. Only TWC’s international mega-hit The Intouchables has outgrossed Amour in the foreign-language category in the last 12 months. Its fellow specialty star Quartet added 89 theaters over the weekend, grossing $1.33 million and a hefty $4,033 average in its sixth weekend. Quartet has cumed slightly more than $6.9 million.

Among holdovers, Music Box Films’ Lore didn’t open spectacularly last weekend but held solidly in its followup in New York and showed momentum in its bow in new cities. The distributor said it debuted at Number 1 at Landmark’s Renaissance Place 5 in and No. 2 at Landmark’s Century Centre 7 in Chicago. In its second frame, it dropped 4% in New York and L.A. Among second weekend holdovers, A24 Films and AMC Theatres did not report numbers for A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III and Lost In Thailand respectively.

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The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (IFC Midnight) NEW — Numbers Not Reported

Like Someone In Love (Sundance Selects) NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $22,844, Average $7,615

No (Sony Pictures Classics) NEW [4 Theaters] Weekend $74,476, Average $18,619

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A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III (A24 Films) Week 2 — Numbers Not Reported

Lore (Music Box Films) Week 2 [8 Theaters] Weekend $36K, Average $4,500, Cume $83,832

Lost In Thailand (AMC Theatres) Week 2 — Numbers Not Reported


The Gatekeepers (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 3 [4 Theaters] Weekend $46,914, Average $11,729, Cume $218,360

Koch (Zeitgeist Films) Week 3 [11 Theaters] Weekend $36,871, Average $3,352, Cume $125,580

Happy People: A Year In The Taiga (Music Box Films) Week 4 [7 Theater] Weekend $24,672, Average $3,525, Cume $51,898

Quartet (The Weinstein Company) Week 6 [333 Theaters] Weekend $1.333M, Average $4,033, Cume $6,909,017

Amour (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 9 [306 Theaters] Weekend $720,614, Average $2,355, Cume $3,943,743

The Impossible (Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate) Week 9 [422 Theaters] Weekend $466K, Average $1,104, Cume $17,492,651

Hyde Park On Hudson (Focus Features) Week 11 [86 Theaters] Weekend $102,972, Average $1,197, Cume $6,023,031 (Monday total estimate)

Anna Karenina (Focus Features) Week 14 [51 Theaters] Weekend $35,695, Average $700, Cume $12,735,557 (Monday total estimate)

Chasing Ice (Submarine Deluxe) Week 15 [16 Theaters] Weekend $8,046, Average $503, Cume $1,186,011