Monolith Films has inked a long-term deal to distribute DreamWorks films in Poland. “We feel honoured to become a strategic distribution partner of such a legendary film studio as DreamWorks. As the leading, independent distributor in Poland we have great hope that this partnership will lead to several joint projects that will be successful both on the Polish and international film distribution market,” Mariusz Łukowmski, president of Monolith group, told Film New Europe, which first reported the deal. The upcoming DreamWorks titles slated for distribution include the Vince Vaughn-starrer The Delivery Man; The Fifth Estate, a drama about the WikiLeaks scandal; and the action pic Need For Speed.

Inside The Mind Of Leonardo, a dramatized documentary about the world of Leonardo da Vinci is slated to make its UK television premiere on March 24 on Sky Arts 2 HD, Sky 3D and Sky Go. BAFTA-winning actor Peter Capaldi portrays da Vinci and also narrates passages and monologues from the artist’s journals. The documentary is based on over 6,000 pages of handwritten notes and drawings dating from the Italian Renaissance, chronicling the work of the renowned inventor, philosopher and painter. Following a biographical narrative, Inside The Mind Of Leonardo captures the artist’s thwarted ambitions, hurt, anger and sexual desire as documented within his diaries, but also the more mundane activities of normal life: his shopping lists, health tips and bawdy jokes.