A film financing company claims Emmett/Furla Films owes it over $2.6 million for a loan for the now shuttered Motor City and it wants the courts to ensure it can get the cash back. In its Petition for Provisional Relief Pending Arbitration (read it here) filed Wednesday, Row 1 Entertainment says that it provided a short-term bridge loan to EFF last July for $1,735,000. The money was intended for pre-production financing for Motor City and was supposed to be paid back on October 9, 2012. However, EFF suspended production on Motor City on September 1 because of scheduling and release date hassles. The Albert Hughes directed project has not been resurrected, star Gerard Butler is going after EFF for pay-or-play money and Row 1 says despite repeated efforts it hasn’t gotten its dough.

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“As a result of Defendants’ failure to timely pay the full amount of the principal and interest owed under the Loan Agreement, additional interest and late fees have accrued.  As of the date of the filing of this Petition, the amount Defendants owe to Row 1, including the principal sum, interest and late payments, totals $2,682,743.83.  Defendants continue to incur 5 % late fee charges every 30 days they fail to repay the Amount Due,” says the petition. Row 1 says it has instigated arbitration proceedings with EFF and filed Wednesday’s civil case issuance of Writs of Attachment “to prevent Defendants from further dissipating the funds owed to Row I and thereby rendering the eventual arbitration award ineffectual.” The company also wants all legal costs covered and the usual “for such other and further relief as the Court many deem just and proper.” Row 1 Entertainment is represented by Brian Wolf and Daniel Gutenplan of Lavely & Singer.