Talk about stupid lawsuits. Donald Trump has actually sued talk-show host and (fellow?) comedian Bill Maher to pay up on a joke bet Maher offered last month on The Tonight Show. Mocking Trump’s similar offer asking President Obama to release college and passport records, Maher told Jay Leno he’d give $5 million to the charities of Trump’s choice if The Donald could prove he wasn’t “the spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan”. In the breach of contract suit (read it here) filed today in LA Superior Court, Trump claims he accepted Maher’s bet in writing the next day and provided his birth certificate – so now The Donald wants the cash for five charities. The suit says Trump’s acceptance means a contract was formed, and Maher never responded to repeated letters to pay up. “As a consequence of Maher’s disregard of his obligations, Mr. Trump has been injured by not receiving payment of the promised sum,” the suit reads. “In addition, the five worthy charities identified by Mr. Trump have been deprived of millions of dollars in donations, which they have not been able to utilize for the benefit of their constituents.” Hmm, could it be the Trump is just looking for publicity for his unwatchable NBC humilitainment show Celebrity Apprentice which premieres March 3rd? When is Comcast gonna fire this jerk?