Looks like Don Johnson has finally been paid from the profits of Nash Bridges — something for which he has been fighting since 2010. Defendants Rysher Entertainment paid Johnson $19 million last month to finally settle things — short of the $50 million a jury gave him in 2010 but more than the $15 million a panel of judges decided last October. As a January 30 court filing (read it here) from his lawyer  reveals, the actor is satisfied with the money and the outcome. The settlement ends the 2 1/2-year legal battle between Johnson and the production company and stops the case from dragging out further with appeals to the California Supreme Court.

Nash Bridges ran from 1996-2001 on CBS. In 2010, Johnson was awarded 50% of the Nash Bridges copyright, entitling him to syndication rights on the series, after he sued Rysher, the production company’s past owners 2929 Entertainment and current owners Qualia Capital for not living up to the contract he had with them on the series. Rysher challenged the $50 million Johnson was awarded in 2010, saying Johnson’s claims should be dismissed based on statue of limitations or that the contract was with the actor himself and not the actual plaintiff in the case, Don Johnson Productions. Last year, a three-judge 2nd District Court of Appeal panel found 2-1 in the actor’s favor and awarded Johnson $15 million plus 10% interest.