UPDATE, 6:28 PM: One day after having his contract not renewed by Fox News Channel, Dick Morris says it was his bad political judgment that got him canned. “I was fired because I was wrong. I was wrong and I was wrong at the top of my lungs,” Morris told CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight Wednesday. On his first appearance on CNN in over a decade, the former FNC contributor still insisted his opinion that Mitt Romney would win the Presidential election was correct – until Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. “The real issue is why did Mitt Romney lose? The real answer is the storm,” Morris told Morgan. At the end of the approximately 20-minute interview, Morgan invited Morris to come back anytime.

PREVIOUSLY, FEB. 5: Long time contributor Dick Morris will no longer be a talking head on Fox News Channel. “His contract is up and we will not be renewing it, ” a spokesperson for the news network confirmed today. A perpetual presence during last year’s Presidential election, Morris has not been seen on FNC since November 12. During the battle between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney, the former Clinton advisor had been strongly predicting a big loss for the incumbent. Morris didn’t waste much time moving on from FNC. Earlier today, he announced via Twitter that he would be making an appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight on Wednesday. That will be the first time the conservative has appeared on CNN since 2002. Morris isn’t the only big name contributor departure from the top rated news network. FNC recently parted ways with former GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin after three years. On the other hand, Fox News also re-signed Karl Rove to a multiyear contract and added liberal former Congressman Dennis Kucinich as a contributor.