EXCLUSIVE: Bad Advice From My Brother, a half-hour comedy project based on Jordan Pope Roush’s blog of the same name, has received a cast-contingent pilot order from Comedy Central, where the project was originally set up last April. Written/executive produced by Roush and executive produced by Brad Copeland (The Inbetweeners), the project follows the adventures of two brothers: Jason, the older, not necessarily wiser brother who has spent most of his post-college life chasing women and the almighty dollar on Wall Street, and Ben, his younger brother, who moves to Manhattan to live with Jason. Jason sees this as an opportunity to reflect on his mistakes and steer Ben onto an opposite path. Unfortunately for Ben, Jason’s advice is usually misguided and creates more problems than solutions.

The pickup brings the project full circle. Roush originally intended to write Bad Advice, which is based on his relationship and experiences with his younger brother, as a spec TV pilot. But his digital media agents at UTA and manager Trevor Engelson, who executive produces the Comedy Central pilot, suggested that he instead write a blog, which would help him develop an audience, find his voice and make the property easier to sell. The blog, written from the point of view of the younger brother, launched in fall 2010 and continues to post updates.