Stefano SollimaEXCLUSIVE: Voltage Films and Friendly Films have set Stefano Sollima to direct the Dan Kay-scripted workplace revenge thriller I.T. Done in the vein of One Hour Photo and Fatal Attraction, the script pits a disgruntled I.T. consultant against his employer, as the consultant uses all the ins and outs of his technical expertise and inside information to torment the boss’s family. Sollima last year made his feature directing debut on the Italian film A.C.A.B: All Cops Are Bastards.

The film is produced by David Friendly, Craig J. Flores, Nicolas Chartier. Little Miss Sunshine producer Friendly hatched the idea and enlisted Kay to write it before bringing it to Voltage Pictures’ Flores and Chartier to produce and finance. They are now casting the two lead roles in hopes of getting underway this summer, with Voltage handling foreign sales on the film. Voltage is already in Berlin, after premiering two high profile films in Sundance, The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman and Don Jon’s Addiction.

“There are I.T. people worldwide who have incredible access to sensitive and private information about many of us,” Voltage’s Flores said. “We hand over such information willingly with little thought of how much damage it could do if it got into the wrong hands. It could be used to destroy a person’s business and potentially their life. This scenario has all of the perfect ingredients for a captivating relate-able thriller.”

CAA reps Sollima and New Wave Entertainment reps Kay.