The Sundance acquisition logjam appears to be breaking. Deal-making is close on Austenland, and a deal just closed on The Look Of Love, with offers starting to be made on several other films. Word is that FilmDistrict is in talks for Austenland, which stars Keri Russell as an obsessed Jane Austen fan who visits a theme park based on the famed author’s work and her search for romance. Pic’s repped by UTA, which tells me this hasn’t been decided yet.

At the same time, a deal is closing for IFC to acquire North American rights to the Michael Winterbottom-directed Steve Coogan-starrer The Look Of Love. Coogan plays Paul Raymond, who ran Soho’s notorious Raymond Revue Bar and Men Only magazine. UTA consulted for Studiocanal on the deal.

Action is also getting hot and heavy on the CAA-repped Joseph Gordon-Levitt-directed Don Jon’s Addiction (unconfirmed word is that bids could reach $4 million, which would make this the first big sale of the fest for a traditional theatrical release); the WME Global-repped Fruitvale (which is emerging as a real audience favorite and which will begin taking offers tonight, very soon); UTA-repped The Spectacular Now; the Paradigm-repped Concussion; and several others. These deals should start dropping by tomorrow or even before.