(New York, NY) January 14, 2013 — Alloy Digital, a leading next generation media company for the 12-34 demographic and a top-10 video network, today announced teen- and young adult-focused SMOSH has become the #1 ranked YouTube channel by subscribers, according to YouTube subscriber analytics, VidStatsX. The pioneering channel starring comedic duo Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox has hit in excess of 6.8 million subscribers and amassed 2 billion lifetime views.

SMOSH takes over the top spot just weeks after claiming second place and, with this achievement, cements its role as the most popular digital entertainment brand in the world. SMOSH made its 2005 debut on YouTube with one of its first wildly popular videos, the “Pokémon theme song video that immediately rose to #1 most viewed upon its launch. Since then, SMOSH has progressed into a powerful five-channel brand that has now surpassed a total of 10 million subscribers and 2.6 billion lifetime views and has spawned multiple product extensions.

“When I met Anthony and Ian six years ago, I was immediately struck by their passion and creativity and energized knowing this would be really big-but no one could have predicted the phenomenal enterprise it has become today,” said Alloy Digital Executive VP and SMOSH President Barry Blumberg. “SMOSH’s incredible pace of growth is a testament to Ian and Anthony’s truly revolutionary and entertaining content, as well as the power of Alloy Digital in helping to propel SMOSH straight to the top.”

SMOSH’s multi-faceted enterprise, based around its flagship YouTube channel and highly trafficked website, includes multiple record-setting channel spinoffs, top-charting musical endeavors, merchandising brand extensions, mobile apps, gaming and theatrical exhibition.

“SMOSH has not only proved its dominance across multiple platforms with a connection to an unmatched fan base, continued Blumberg, “but is also showing formidable marketing muscle with a growing list of advertisers that want to leverage their massive influence to our key trendsetting audience.

SMOSH has seen its YouTube views grow nearly 40% since its acquisition by Alloy Digital in July 2011 and has evolved from a YouTube powerhouse into a top entertainment lifestyle brand for the 12-34 demographic. Recent advertisers include top brands such as Ubisoft, for the launch of its top selling video game, Assassin’s Creed® III, and Nestlé® for HOT POCKETS® Brand Sandwiches, and Electronic Arts for The Sims™ 3 Supernatural. These campaigns became viral sensations and have amassed a total of more than 30 million views. SMOSH’s influence extends into its social footprint, where it totals more than 5 million followers across multiple dedicated social profiles.

Padilla and Hecox shared this sentiment: “We are truly blown away and humbled by this! When we first started making videos we had no idea our hobby would last, let alone turn into such a colossus. We’re extremely thankful to Barry, Alloy Digital and, most of all, our fans, who have watched our content, shared in our excitement and supported us over all these years. The best part is that there’s still so much more to come! More videos, more music, more games, more mobile, more merch…more SMOSH! We love all of you!”

Among the multiple SMOSH brand extensions, spinoff YouTube channel SMOSH Games has soared to 1 million subscribers since its late September 2012 launch, making it one of the fastest growing channels in YouTube history. The gaming channel recently achieved another milestone by surpassing 100 million views.

Additionally, both SMOSH Games and SMOSH spinoff Shut Up! Cartoons are among YouTube’s fastest-growing channels, each skyrocketing to #1 for subscriber growth in their first week. Shut Up! Cartoons, the YouTube funded premium animation sensation, has consistently ranked in the top-20 for weekly channel views since its debut and has amassed close to 80 million lifetime views since its roll out at the end of April 2012, now counting close to 750,000 subscribers.

Blumberg commented, “Anthony and Ian’s unwavering dedication to their craft, fan base and an entrepreneurial spirit that has built creative passion into a digital age powerhouse has earned their well-deserved place at the top. Number one overall is a remarkable achievement and it is only the beginning.”