This surprised me. Samsung said at the International CES confab today that its new OLED TV sets make it possible for two people to watch different shows on the same screen at the same time. The company pulls off that trick when viewers wear special glasses, with earbuds, that isolate the program that the viewer wants. It seems the OLED models can handle all of those moving images because the screens refresh 1,000 times faster than conventional HDTV screens. The company says it will show that off in addition to a voice command feature it calls S-Recommendation: Users can use natural language to ask for different programming characteristics, for example an actor they like, and the TV set will offer suggestions based on what’s available on conventional TV, online, and on the DVR. Recommendations will adapt to a user’s tastes over time. “It’s the most powerful personalized TV experience ever created,” says Samsung Electronics America President Tim Baxter, who adds that it will “change the way you discover content.” The company plans to show off 85-inch and 110-inch ultra-HD sets along with an oven that can simultaneously cook two meals at different temperatures, a new collection of touch-screen computers, and a version of the Galaxy Note for Verizon with 4G and Android’s Jelly Bean operating system.