Rupert Murdoch has had to apologize for, or clarify, so many of his tweets that you’d think he’d have learned to edit himself — or just think a moment longer before hitting the “send” button. But it happened again this evening after he wrote a message about a story in his New York Post about an overweight woman from Queens who fell through the sidewalk on the Upper East Side: “How did fat lady who fell thru street get to 400 lbs? Welfare, stamps, etc? Then leave us all with 20 yrs immense health bills.” The response was immediate: “How many prejudiced assumptions can you fit in one tweet, Rupe?” Keith Olbermann wrote. He added: “This is like assuming all media moguls achieved success thru bribery, bullying, phone hacking.” Murdoch quickly tried to clean things up: “Did not mean to be unsympathetic to 400 lb lady, but fact remains unhealthy eating by rich and poor driving up premiums for all.” Last year Murdoch apologized to actor Hugh Grant for wrongly suggesting that he had refused to support his daughter. He apologized for suggesting that Gen. David Petraeus had “taken the fall” for President Obama following the murder of U.S. embassy personnel in  Benghazi. He apologized for asking why the “Jewish owned press” was “so consistently anti-Israel.” And he missed by 23 days what he said was the one-year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death.