Diane Haithman contributes to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

At a lunchtime panel at today’s TCA, Ray McKinnon, creator/writer/executive producer of Sundance series Rectify, was adamant about not revealing whether the serialized story would provide a traditional ending. But at another panel an hour or so later, Richard Warlow, creator of BBC America’s Ripper Street, was equally emphatic in saying that each episode of his show, set in the Victorian England in the time of Jack the Ripper, would provide a “stand-alone crime.”

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That being said, the crime to be solved will not be catching Jack the Ripper, said Warlow, who appeared on the panel with executive producer Will Gould and stars Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn and Adam Rothenberg. The idea, he said, was to create a show about the Victorian era and the people of “the streets down which he walked, and most importantly the police that tried to catch him.”