This is the first time that Nielsen has looked at how many people use their DVRs or VOD to watch TV shows more than a week after they first run — and it’s easy to see why. Only a handful of viewers who watch a show within 29 days do so after Day 7, the audience measurement company says today in its “Cross-Platform Report” for Q3. Broadcasters only see their total day ratings rise by 1.1% after the first week. About 87.2% watch their shows live, 5.5% more join in the same day, and another 6.1% catch up by the end of a week. Cable channels see less of a bump, just 0.6% after Day 7. Cable has a proportionately larger live audience — 93.3% — with 3.4% viewing the same day and 2.8% picking up within a week. And even fewer people time-shift syndicated shows: 94.4% tune in live plus 3.4% on the same day, 1.9% within a week, and 0.3% join in afterward. While Nielsen doesn’t break out specific shows, it says that the most watched primetime shows after the first week include science fiction, general drama, and participation variety shows.