There’s publishing news on two timely novels that have feature film ramifications. The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown revealed that his new novel will be titled Inferno, coming from Doubleday on May 14. The book’s set in Europe and inspired by Dante, author of the 14th century poem The Divine Comedy, the author’s journey through hell, purgatory and heaven. The movie crowd won’t care much because the protagonist is once again the Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, which means that if anybody turns this into a film, it will be Sony. That deal made right on the ground floor by late former Sony Pictures chairman John Calley continues to give and give. Brown himself wrote a draft of the Angels & Demons follow-up The Lost Symbol, and Tom Hanks is still attached and Brian Grazer is the producer. Last time I wrote about it, Game Change scribe Danny Strong was working on the script and there was interest in director Mark Romanek after Ron Howard opted out after helming the first two global blockbusters.

The other book that caught the interest of Hollywood is The Good Luck Of Right Now, the new novel by Matthew Quick, author of Silver Linings Playbook. I hear that CAA just went out with a novel that has some similarities to Silver Linings, and a big honking dose of Richard Gere. The protagonist is a guy who might not be bipolar, but is certainly “off.” He takes care of his mother, who suffers from dementia. She has been calling him Richard, and the caretaker tells the story of this broken circle of characters in letters written to Richard Gere. The film is once again set in Philadelphia, and the love interest is a librarian. She and her brother believe they were once abducted by aliens. I’m told it’s compellingly quirky. Will provide updates when I get them.