London Helicopter Crash DeathA helicopter crash in London this morning took the life of pilot Pete Barnes, whose more than 12,000 hours of flying time included jobs on such productions as Die Another Day and Saving Private Ryan. Barnes is not listed among credits on industry databases of those films, but Paul Blezard, a spokesman for helicopter charter group RotorMotion, with which Barnes was long associated, confirmed to Deadline that the 50-year-old had been a pilot on those and other productions. “He was either captain or pilot of the helicopter camera ship” on the films, Blezard said. Barnes had also worked as a traffic pilot and on TV shows and ads and was commended for his participation in a 2004 flood rescue. Today’s early-morning tragedy resulted when Barnes’ helicopter hit a crane in the Vauxhall area of London, exploded and crashed into the street sending fiery debris and fuel into rush-hour traffic not far from the headquaters of spy agency MI6. There were two fatalities, although the identity of the second person has not been released, and at least nine people injured.