Always going for the shock effect, Kathy Griffin last night stooped to a new low — literally. Joining CNN‘s Anderson Cooper for another wild New Year’s Eve live show, the comedienne at one point knelt down to kiss Cooper’s private parts. The incident occurred during a report from a small Maine town about a local New Year tradition of kissing a sardine on the mouth. Anderson tried to diffuse the situation with a “Kathy, oh, did you drop something?” joke. Replied Griffin, “No I was kissing your sardine.” A tussle ensued, with Cooper trying to lift Griffin up and she continuing to try to kiss his crotch. “I can do this all night long… I’m going down. You know you want to,” she said. Griffin hinted at her intentions earlier in the broadcast when she told Cooper, “I’m going to tickle your sack.”

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This is the latest in a long list of acts of inappropriate behavior by Griffin on Cooper’s New Year’s Eve CNN telecast. She previously dropped an f-bomb, shouted down a heckler with a blowjob joke, and stripped to her underwear. Cooper has been silent on the incident but, probably anticipating major offenses, issued an apology before the broadcast. “I want to apologize in advance to anyone @kathygriffin pokes fun of/makes out with/strips down in front of/punches,” he wrote on Twitter yesterday.