Ray Richmond contributes to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

At TCA to promote the final installment of her Showtime comedy The Big C, series creator Darlene Hunt was asked about her pending new job as showrunner of NBC’s midseason comedy series Save Me starring Anne Heche. She cautioned that her hiring was still unofficial even though “it’s a real ‘probably.’ It’s leaning in that direction,” she said. “There are still a couple of steps in terms of making sure NBC and I both feel we’re going in the right direction and want to tell the same stories on that show.”

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The single-camera comedy, from creator John Scott Shepherd, Sony TV and Original Film, stars Heche as a woman who lets herself — and her marriage — go until she undergoes an “awakening” that transforms her spiritually and physically into a desirable and outspoken woman who just might be channeling god. Hunt will succeed Alexa Junge, who joined as showrunner after the pilot. The change is being made after two episodes of Save Me‘s order have been produced. Hunt said that were things to work out, she would simply work to honor the spirit of the show’s pilot. “For me, it really gives the promise of something cool, and I’d really like to honor the vision that was set up there,” she said. “I think I can do it in a really great and funny way, because I’m so ready to get back to network TV and do some broad comedy. That’s no insult to what I did here. But the screwed up comedian in me just wants to get a little nuttier.”