EXCLUSIVE: Feature director Brett Ratner and Law & Order veteran Barry Schindel have teamed for Tomorrow, a drama project at ABC financed by Reliance’s Georgeville Television, the independent TV studio formed last spring by Motion Picture Capital’s Leon Clarance and Deepak Nayar and producer Marc Rosen.

Like all Georgeville projects, Tomorrow, now in development, has a script-to-series commitment, meaning that if ABC likes the script it would trigger a 13-episode series order. Created and written by Katherine Lindberg and Ted Cyr, Tomorrow is a high-concept law enforcement procedural about an FBI agent who gets trapped in a time travel scenario. Ratner, who is set to direct, and Schindel, who serves as showrunner, executive produce with Lindberg, Cyr and Anonymous Content’s Michael Sugar and Nicole Romano.

At ABC, Tomorrow joins another Georgeville project in development with a script-to-series commitment, a pandemic drama from Overbrook and Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski. Georgeville employed the same model with its first series, Neil Cross’s Crossbones at NBC, which is in pre-production; a reboot of the classic British sci-fi series Blake’s 7, which is set at Syfy; and Z, a modern-day take on Zorro, at USA. Schindel and Ratner are with CAA.