EXCLUSIVE: One Earth Productions has announced a March 8 release date for Greedy Lying Bastards, a searing documentary about climate change. The filmmakers say the docu investigates the reasons behind stalled efforts to tackle climate change, despite consensus in the scientific community that it not only exists but is a growing problem moving us toward the brink of disaster. Focusing on the influence of Exxon and the Koch brothers, Greedy Lying Bastards features interviews with scientists, industry experts and international political delegates including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and former EPA head Christine Todd Whitman, as well as people personally affected by the changing climate and global warming deniers. Greedy Lying Bastards opens in 20 cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco, Houston, Detroit, Seattle, Tampa, Miami, Denver, Phoenix, and San Diego. Directed by first-timer Craig Rosebraugh, the film is exec-produced by Daryl Hannah.