Apple TV Adds Video Streaming Service Watchever In Germany
Apple TV has added access to Vivendi’s streaming video subscription service Watchever in Germany. The move could open the door to more region-specific deals “where there is a strong localized offering that delivers content appealing to Apple TV owners there,” according to Next Web. Watchever offers access to whole seasons of U.S. series, movie blockbusters and international art house films for €8.99 ($11.99) per month. Purported “thousands” of available titles include AMC’s Mad Men and Breaking Bad, early seasons of HBO shows such as The Sopranos and Sex and the City and films like Slumdog Millionaire and There Will Be Blood. Netflix is not available in Germany. Amazon-owned Lovefilm, which offers both streaming and physical DVDs, is available but as with Amazon Instant Video in the U.S., it’s not available on Apple TV.

Contingent On Cuts, Singapore Reverses Ban On Film
Singapore’s Media Development Authority’s ban of writer-director Ken Kwek’s film triptych Sex.Violence.FamilyValues has been reversed on appeal. Kwek and producer Tay Eu-Yen appealed to the Films Appeal Committee which said it would give the film an R21 rating as long as a racially offensive references in the English-language movie’s Porn Masala segment are removed. “An R21 with cuts is hardly an ideal outcome,” Kwek tells Deadline. “But it’s better than a total ban and between a kick in the groin and a poke in the eye, I’ll take the poke in the eye.” He’ll re-edit the movie and says local exhibitor Cathay remains keen to book it. “Interest in the film has spiked since the ban — maybe those guys who complained to the authorities did me a favor.” Kwek also says the producers can consider international distribution with legal issues resolved. Parts of the movie have played at festivals in the U.S. and elsewhere. -Don Groves