In November, the United States re-elected President Barack Obama, but months earlier, Saturday Night Live introduced its own new “president” when relative newcomer Jay Pharoah replaced Fred Armisen in regularly portraying Obama on the show during the campaign. After today’s TCA panel on IFC’s Portlandia, which stars Armisen, Deadline asked the actor how he has felt about this political transition. “It feels incredible, it makes me feel like I am part of something bigger,” Armisen said, sounding as dreamy and earnest as the eccentric characters of Portlandia. “It’s like SNL is its own living thing and we are just a part of that. Now we’ve both helped to paint this picture of the president. We’ve made some kind of art together.” Armisen said he will “never” portray Obama again on the show, but watching the younger actor in the role of POTUS  “makes me feel very proud.”