“While unsettling, this is sometimes necessary,” Dish Network‘s Joe Clayton said at an International CES presentation to unveil his company’s new DVR and mobile viewing technology. With his company’s programming costs growing at double-digit rates, “we as an industry are rapidly approaching a tipping point. How many customers are willing to pay over $100 a month for video content? I don’t know. But we’ll soon see.” Clayton also chided broadcasters who sued his company last year after it introduced its Hopper DVR with a feature that automatically jumps past ads in recorded shows. If it’s a crime to jump past ads then “I guess we’re just a nation of outlaws,” he says. But his address was primarily designed to introduce an updated DVR: Hopper with Sling. It likely will also irk programmers by transmitting their shows — both live and recorded on the DVR — to users’ mobile devices. It also can transfer shows to iPads. The company plans what it calls a “massive” marketing campaign that says Hopper with Sling redefines the in-home and out-of-home viewing experience.