The much hyped debate tonight between CNN’s Piers Morgan and radio host Alex Jones, one of the men behind the White House petition to deport the British host, wasn’t much of a debate but lived up to its billing as riveting television of the trainwreck variety. Morgan could barely ask a question over Jones who came armed with statistics and blew up two minutes into the interview, pointing his finger at Morgan. “I’m here to tell you — 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms! It doesn’t matter how many lemmings you have out there on the street begging for them to have their guns taken. We will not relinquish them. Do you understand?” Jones later went on a personal attack against Morgan and his alleged involvement in the Britain’s phone hacking scandal. “Why don’t you get back and face the charges for the hacking scandal? Why did you get fired from the Daily Mirror for putting out fake stories? You’re a hatchet man of the New World Order. You’re a hatchet man!” It is worth noting that the official CNN video cuts right before Jones’ comments about Morgan. A non-edited YouTube version of the first part of the interview is at the bottom of the post.

After realizing that there was a zero chance for debate, Morgan changed tactics, prompting Jones to air his controversial conspiracy theory believes that the U.S. government is giving citizens “suicide mass murder pills” and that the military industrial complex was behind the 9/11 attack. “He perfectly exemplifies the problem,” Morgan said of Jones later on the show.

As for the petition, which has garnered 104,000 signatures to date, it was addressed today by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. “The White House responds to all petitions that cross the threshold and we will respond to this one,” he said. “In the meantime, it is worth remembering that the freedom of expression is a bedrock principle in our democracy.”