Things are moving fast and furiously at Jeff Zucker’s CNN. Longtime political contributors James Carville and Mary Matalin are leaving the news network, Politico reports“I was told they wanted the contributors to be more available — essentially closer to Washington. I’m not always available, I don’t live there,” said Carville, the former Clinton campaign chief and New Orleans resident. “At some level it makes sense for CNN to move in another direction, and it makes sense for me.” Carville has been married to GOP strategist and fellow former Crossfire host Matalin since 1993. They aren’t the only on-air talent leaving CNN: Conservative contributor Erick Erickson confirmed today on his RedState website that he is moving over to Fox News Channel. The moves come a week after Zucker formally took over as CNN’s president and the same day that news network lost managing editor Mark Whitaker and hired 20/20 co-anchor Chris Cuomo from ABC.

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