2ND UPDATE THURSDAY PM: I’ve now learned the name of the stuntman who suffered serious head injuries in last week’s accident during filming of ABC’s series Castle. Kieran Gallagher, who was Ed Helms’ stunt double in The Hangover II and III, “is still in the hospital,” a source said. “He has been taken off the ventilator and showing good signs of recovery. Every day he seems to be getting stronger.” Gallagher’s series credits include CSI, Chuck, The Office and Raising Hope.

UPDATE: I’ve learned more details about the accident on the set of Castle last night. According to talent manager William Blaylock, the actress injured in the accident is his client Karen David. “Karen was the actress in the scene with the stuntman,” he said. “They fell from a moving van when a door would not shut. Karen was in the emergency room for hours being treated. She has been released but is in serious pain and has to wear a neck brace.” The stuntman, who sustained a head injury, is still hospitalized in serious condition.

PREVIOUS JAN. 18 2 PM: I’ve learned that there was an accident on the set of ABC‘s crime dramedy Castle last night. It happened during the filming of the show on the Paramount lot. A male crew member and a guest actress were injured and taken to the hospital. The woman has since been released, but sources say the stuntman, who fell out of a car, suffered a head injury and is still in the hospital. There is conflicting information on his condition. We will update with more information as we get it.

The Stuntman’s name is Kieran Gallagher and he received serious head injuries.  He is still in the hospital and has been taken off the ventalator and showing goods signs of recovery.  Everyday he seems to be getting stronger.