Berlin Unveils Special Gala Screenings
The Berlin Film Festival has lined up its special gala screenings of recently released works followed by discussions with some of the filmmakers. Among the films to be shown are Ken Loach’s documentary The Spirit Of ’45, Jane Campion’s TV miniseries Top Of The Lake, Giuseppe Tornatore’s The Best Offer, Michael Winterbottom’s The Look Of Love, Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables and Raoul Peck documentary Fatal Assistance.

UK University To Offer ‘X Factor’ Course
Britain’s Bishop Auckland College has launched an X Factor audition course. The 17-week program has 40 slots for students eager to be trained in singing, performing and projecting confidence. Each of the spaces is partly government-funded, according to Digital Spy, and the course will wrap just in time for the next round of auditions for The X Factors UK version. Organizer Mike Jinks said, “Many applicants have talent but need to work on key things such as their singing technique and confidence. People auditioning also need to know X Factor winners don’t just walk in there blind. It is not about just wandering in, singing a song and you’re famous.” The course’s only entry requirements are “enthusiasm and motivation.”