2ND UPDATE, 8:30 AM: The latest setback comes 10 days after Walters fell and cut her head the night before she was to cover the presidential inauguration for ABC News. She was set to be released last week, but doctors first wanted to get an elevated temperature under control — it turns out that fever was related to chicken pox, which the 83-year-old never had as a child. “So now she’s been told to rest, she’s not allowed any visitors. And we’re telling you, Barbara, no scratching,” Whoopi Goldberg said today on The View. Walters, who was transferred to a NY hospital last week, is expected to be released soon.

UPDATE, JAN 22 AM: Barbara Walters said she expects to be released from the hospital soon after her weekend fall that kept her from covering the inauguration for ABC News. She said today in a statement that she is running a low-grade fever and doctors want to wait until it’s normal before she’s sent home. “Barbara went to Washington to cover the inauguration”, Walters’ The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg said today on the show. “She missed a step and had a fall, which cut her upper temple. The doctors stitched her up and she is doing fine, but they want her to take it easy”. There was no word on when the veteran journalist might return to her network duties.

PREVIOUS, JAN 20 PM: Barbara Walters fell on stairs and cut her head Saturday night while visiting the British ambassador’s residence in Washington, DC. Walters, 83, was in Washington ahead of President Obama’s second inauguration. Walters “went to the hospital to have her cut tended to, have a full examination and remains there for observation. Barbara is alert (and telling everyone what to do), which we all take as a very positive sign,” ABC News SVP Jeffrey W. Schneider said in a statement. Walters had been scheduled to contribute to ABC’s coverage of inaugural events but will not be on-air Monday and may not be back on the air, including for The View, for the better part of a week depending on what doctors say.