The phone service calls it AT&T U-verse Screen Pack, and it will cost $5 a month. Like with competitors such as Netflix — and, notably, Verizon’s new Redbox Instant — AT&T will offer unlimited, instant playback on multiple devices including tablets and smartphones. No formal word on what content will be available; the company says that it has 1,500 movie titles in the library and will include “more titles added on an ongoing basis.” Also no word on what specific operating systems and platforms will handle the streaming video. Jeff Weber, President of Content and Advertising Sales, says that AT&T “customers have told us they want subscription on demand services and we’re delivering. Screen Pack, along with our On Demand library, gives customers a flexible and more compelling movie experience, where and when they want it.” AT&T says it will offer a free preview of the service until January 13 on U-verse, and on the U-verse app.