Sunday night was full of football and winter finales. ABC’s Once Upon A Time (3.1/7), Revenge (2.4/5) and the now-cancelled 666 Park Ave (1.4/3) all had their ends until next year. The fantasy drama was flat with last week, but Revenge was up 9% from last week’s Season 2 low and 666 Park Ave was up 17% from its November 25 show. Airing earlier in the evening before the finales, America’s Funniest Home Videos (1.6/4) was flat with last week.

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-33 last night and thanks to Sunday Night Football (13.5/21) in time-zone-adjusted metered markets, NBC won the night in overall viewers and the adults 18-49 demographic. Those numbers will likely change when the final figures come in later. Last night’s game was down 1% from the fast nationals of last week’s Packers-Giants game. Regional NFL football ran into CBS’ schedule, with primetime not starting until 7:41 PM and pushing everything back. All fast national ratings for the network this morning are approximate. NFL/60 Minutes (5.9/16) was followed by 60 Minutes/The Amazing Race (3.1/7), The Amazing Race/The Good Wife (2.2/5) and The Good Wife/The Mentalist (1.5/4). Football overruns also pushed into Fox’s animated mix of new and encore shows, knocking the start of primetime to 7:25 PM and rendering those numbers approximate as well. The Tampa Bay-Denver game went into the repeat of Bob’s Burgers (1.3/3). The Cleveland Show (1.6/4) was followed by a repeat of The Simpsons (1.9/5), a new Bob’s Burgers (1.8/4) that was down 10% from last week, a Family Guy (1.9/4) repeat, and American Dad (2.0/4) which was down 5% from last week.