EXCLUSIVE: A former Senior Financial Analyst at Walt Disney Pictures today launched a class action suit against the company over overtime pay and Labor Code violations. However, this lawsuit (read it here), filed in LA Superior Court this afternoon, could all be over very soon according to one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys. “Although the lawsuit was filed today, the parties have reached a tentative agreement, subject to Court approval, to resolve the dispute without an admission of liability on the part of Disney. We will be seeking court approval of the Settlement in the near future,” Dennis Moss told Deadline today.  In the suit Katherine Clay, on behalf of 30 former and current employees of the company, seeks various levels of damages for each plaintiff class member up to $4000 depending how long they worked at Walt Disney Pictures.

Whether the parties’ settlement is approved by the court or not, it won’t be for lack of specificity nor poignancy in the suit itself. “The failure by Defendants to pay lawful overtime compensation and missed meals and rest break premium pay to each Plaintiff Class member, and the failure to timely pay all pay due upon termination of employment to each Class member no longer employed are unlawful and unfair business practices within the meaning of Business and Professional Code,” notes the complaint. The plaintiffs are represented by Ira Spiro of LA firm Spiro Moore as well Dennis Moss. David Leicheger of Beverly Hills’ firm Levitt, Leichenger & Aberle is also representing the plaintiffs.