London Critics To Fete Helena Bonham Carter
The London Critics Circle is set to honor Helena Bonham Carter with the Dilys Powell Award for Excellence in Film at the 33rd awards ceremony on January 20 in the capital city. Bonham Carter said in response, “To be chosen for this award is a surprise and an honor. I am delighted! It’s always nice when critics say something nice about you for a change, and especially the critics in your hometown.” Previous recipients have included Dirk Bogarde, Richard Attenborough, Julie Walters, Judi Dench, Nicolas Roeg, Quentin Tarantino and Kristin Scott Thomas. Bonham Carter’s most recent film roles include Miss Havisham in Mike Newell’s Great Expectations and Mme Thénardier in Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables. The London Critics Circle announces its film nominations on December 18.

British Censor To Adjust Policy On Sex And Violence In Film
The British Board of Film Classification says it will adjust its sex and violence policy and may intervene if scenes are deemed so degrading they pose a risk of harm. The revised guidelines, which will be in place in about six weeks, will help examiners classify depictions of rape, sexual assault and sadistic violence in films. The decision was based on research conducted for the BBFC by Ipsos MORI. “There is no ‘one size fits all’ rule for any theme under the BBFC classification guidelines, as long as what is depicted is within the law and does not pose a harm risk”, BBFC director David Cooke said in a statement. The research found filmgoers supported intervention in adult film and video if there is a strong case for it.

Fuse Becomes Fabrik Entertainment
Fuse Entertainment is changing names to become Fabrik Entertainment. The shift is a nod to the company’s Scandinavian roots and connection to the European market through majority owners Red Arrow Entertainment Group. Founded in 2005 by Danish-born Mikkel Bondesen, Hollywood-based Fuse has a first-look deal with Fox Television Studios. In September of 2011, it formed an international partnership with Red Arrow. Company partners Bondesen, Henrik Bastin and Kristen Campo say the new name “reflects the company’s founding mission to bring the best properties, talent, studios and networks together. We believe doing so is essential to our goal of producing compelling television that defines a network.” Fuse produces The Killing and Burn Notice. Bravo recently ordered a pilot for Rita from Fox TV Studios and based on a Danish format. Bastin and Bondesen are exec producing.

SVT Director Of Programs To Ankle Next Year
Annie Wegelius has announced her departure from leading Swedish broadcaster SVT. The director of programs will leave the group in September of 2013. “It wasn’t an easy decision to make. But I don’t think anyone is surprised that an entrepreneurial person like me is looking for more freedom,” Wegelius said. She has been with the company for seven years. SVT said it chose to communicate the change now as part of a major overhaul of the commissioning structure to align and merge web and broadcast commissioning. The group operates seven national digital channels and one international channel, SVT World.