EXCLUSIVE: Are the Germans getting their own version of the Scottish Braveheart? 20th Century Fox has acquired Arminius, a feature script by Frank Moll. Wolfgang Petersen and Julie Yorn are producing.

Script tells the fact-based story of Arminius, a German who was trained as a Roman warrior, but who switched allegiance when the Romans tried to take over Germania. At 25, he would eventually unite disparate Germanic tribes and rally them to victory against the Roman Army in the bloody Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. The defeat had ramifications that would end with Arminius losing his life, but it halted the Roman Empire’s expansion North, and became the worst loss suffered by the Romans under the reign of Augustus Caesar.

This is the first script deal for Moll, who’s repped by CAA, Rain Management Group and attorney Bob Myman. LBI Entertainment, Rain Management and Radiant Productions are producing. Erik Olsen of Apocalyptic Entertainment will serve as executive producer. I always answer yes to that enduring cinema question, “Joey, you like movies about Gladiators?” So count me pumped for the potential on this one.