BREAKING: The Los Angeles Film School has hired veteran studio exec and film producer Hal Lieberman to head its Entertainment Business Bachelor of Science Program. Launched last summer, the program builds on The Los Angeles Film School’s Associate degree programs in Film Production, Recording Arts, Game Production and Computer Animation.

“We are emphatic about having Hal join our team,” states Diana Derycz-Kessler, Los Angeles Film School President/CEO. “His knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for the Entertainment Industry are the very qualities that embody the direction we would like our students to take. Under Hal’s guidance, we await great successes from our newest program.”

At Universal, Lieberman’s run as an exec included developing Apollo 13, Happy Gilmore, The Nutty Professor and Liar Liar. His subsequent producing credits include Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines and U-571.

Lieberman said he wanted to put his 35 years in the business to work “helping students achieve their Bachelor of Science degree. As a film executive and movie producer, I’m hoping to combine the colorful side of entertainment business with the practical, and give students the belief that with the right mentoring, they can do it, too, and succeed,” Lieberman said.