Film financier David Bergstein has gone after his past lawyers in court and now he’s going after his bankruptcy trustee for “waging a personal and vindictive war” against him. In a filing in federal court yesterday (read it here), Bergstein’s UK-based Pangea Media Holdings claims that trustee Ronald Durkin is “doing the bidding of David Molner, Screen Capitol International, and other Molner-affiliated entities (collectively, “Aramid”) as part of Aramid’s broad and wide-ranging attempt to destroy Bergstein and Bergstein-affiliated entities.” Bergstein claims that Durkin and lawyer Leonard Gumport have prevented his Pangea from getting money owned to it from Monaco-based film licensing outfit Daro Film Distribution – and he wants them off his case, literally and figuratively. “Pending the judicial declaration of the rights and duties of the respective parties, Plaintiff requests that upon duly noticed motion supported by competent evidence, the Court issue appropriate interim and permanent injunctive relief in order to restrain the Trustee from contacting or communicating in any manner with parties having a prior and existing business relationship with Plaintiff,” says the complaint.

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This is the latest legal move in Bergstein’s bankruptcy saga. In September, a judge dismissed Bergstein’s $100 million suit against two law firms that represented Aramid’s David Molner in bankruptcy proceedings against him. Bergstein sued the companies in April, claiming that they aided his former lawyer Susan Tregub in leaving his employment and allegedly used information she had garnered while working for him against Bergstein and his companies. A month earlier, a jury awarded Bergstein $50 million in damages in his suit against Tregub herself.

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