EXCLUSIVE: Here’s the new Viewfinder List, the entertainment industry survey which polls studio executives, producers and creatives for their top 10 short films, commercials and/or music videos. This is similar to The Black List, as the Viewfinder List honors short form content and the directors who made them. The list was created by Jeff Schroeder (Brain Farm), Aaron Schmidt (Langley Park Pictures) and Patrick Chu (FilmNation). In recent years, some of the shorts got optioned and some of their directors got jobs and in this day and age, it all helps. Some of these have already been lined up for feature treatment, including the top two films on this year’s list. Here is the website for the full list:

26 Votes: True Skin, directed by Stephan Zlotescu (Short) Agent: CAA: IAM Entertainment – Scott Glassgold. Set up at Warner Bros with David Heyman’s Heyday producing.

22 Votes: Archetype, directed by Aaron Sims (Short) Agent: Paradigm – Trevor Astbury, Ida Ziniti Manger: John Norris. Set up at Fox with John Davis of Davis Entertainment producing.

14 Votes: Plurality, directed by Dennis Liu (Short) Manager: Caliber – Adam Marshall. This is being developed as a TV property by Thunder Road.

10 Votes: Sight, directed by Daniel Lazo & Eran May-raz (Short) No Representation

10 Votes: Monster Roll, directed by Dan Blank (Short) Agent: Verve – Rob Herting, Adam Levine, Bryan Besser

9 Votes: M.I.A. – Bad Girls, directed by Romain Gavras (Music Video) Agent: WME – Elia Infascelli-Smith, Phil Raskind Music Video Representation: Director Bureau

7 Votes: Record/Play, directed by Jesse Atlas (Short) Agent: WME – David Karp Manager: Josh McGuire, Evan Silverberg

7 Votes: Ruin, directed by Wes Ball (Short) Agent: APA – Ryan Saul Manager: Gotham – Peter McHugh. Set up at Fox with Wonderland producing.

6 Votes: The Chase, directed by Philippe Gamer (Short) Agent: WME – Sarah Self, Roger Green, Beau Bryant Manager: IAM Entertainment – Scott Glassgold

6 Votes: The Shoes–Time To Dance, directed by Daniel Wolfe (Music Video) Agent: ITG – Josh Varney; Commercial Production Co – Somesuch

6 Votes: #DirtyLaundry, directed by Phil Joanou (Short) Agent: Paradigm – Rand Holston, Bill Douglass, Ian Greenstein, Nick LoPiccolo, Valarie Phillips, Mark Ross Manager: Todd Smith And Associates: Todd Smith

6 Votes: Fear Of Flying, directed by Conor Finnegan (Short) Agent: Paradigm – Trevor Astbury Manager: 3 Arts – Jairo Alvarado

5 Votes: Grounded, directed by Kevin Margo & Barrett Meeker (Short) No Representation

5 Votes: Long Branch, directed by Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart (Short) Agent: CTA – Peter Kupecz Manager: Harrison Artist Management

5 Votes: Project M.I.C.K., directed by Sandy Widyanata (Short) Manager: Principato-Young – Peter Dealbert

5 Votes: The Absence, directed by Alex Demille (Short) Agent: Paradigm – Mark Ross, Bryan Baum

4 Votes: The Guilt, directed by David Victori (Short) Agent: CAA – Jacueline Sacerio, Matt Rosen, Sarah Passe Manager: Safran Company – Tom Drumm

4 Votes: The Shins – Simple Song, directed by Daniels; Manager: Mosaic – Christie Smith, Brent Lilley, Josh Rudnick Commercial Production Co: Prettybird

4 Votes: Upstairs, directed by Shawn Wines; Agent: WME – Roger Green, Danny Greenberg, Simon Faber, Alec Botnick, Greg Hodes Manager: Radmin Company – Linne Radmin

4 Votes: 92 Skybox Alonzo Mourning Rookie Card, directed by Todd Sklar (Short) Agent: CAA; Manager: Principato-Young–Brian Steinberg