Broadway’s 2011-12 season was its best ever with $1.14 billion dollars in ticket sales from 12.33 admissions. Higher ticket prices boosted the tally from last season’s sales of $1.08 billion from 12.53 million admissions, according to figures released today and posted on the Broadway League’s website. With 63.4% of the audience, tourists again accounted for the biggest share of Braodway theater-goers, up from 61.7% in the 2010-11 season. Foreign tourists represented 18.4% of admissions. Online purchases continue to make up the largest share of ticket sales, up to 47% this year from 47%.

Among demographic tidbits in the report, 67% of the audience was female, consistent with last year’s share. Caucasians made up 77.8% of Broadway theater-goers, down from 82.5% last year, the New York Times noted. Average age of ticket-buyers was 43.5, down a tad from 44 last year. Plays tended to attract more frequent theater-goers than musicals. Typical playgoers see six in a year versus four for musicals. People who saw 15 or more shows made up 5% of the audience but 29% of all admissions or 3.58 million.