A tale of Big Media is coming to cable. Continuing its recent moves toward original scripted series, Bravo is developing the drama Moguls. The series will follow the professional and personal challenges of a media boss and his family. “Moguls will be similar in tone to The West Wing,” an insider says. While the series may or may not have the walking-and-talking motif that characterized Aaron Sorkin’s political drama, Moguls will have a media boss of its own: Michael Jackson, the former chairman of Universal Television and former CEO of the UK’s Channel 4, will serve as executive producer on the show. Love And Other Drugs screenwriter Charles Randolph and playwright Sharyn Rothstein are working on a pilot script now, we are told. In her TV debut, Rothstein will be Moguls’ supervising producer. Randolph will serve as an executive producer; he also is working on the Cold War pilot for HBO The Missionary, a spy thriller developed by Randolph and friend (and bestselling New Yorker writer) Malcolm Gladwell.

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