YouTube Launches 60 New ChannelsThere’s a lot of information — and misinformation — floating around today about Google‘s funding plans for YouTube channels. So let’s sort things out: Over the next few weeks the search giant will begin to tell the roughly 100 channels it currently funds who will and won’t receive a second hit of cash. The amounts vary by channel, and range from $1M to $5M. The number of winners could be as high as 40% or as low as 30%. Google will use different criteria to decide which channels it will continue to fund. In addition to the number of views, the company will consider engagement metrics. A lot depends on whether it believes it can sell enough ads to cover its investment. Those that don’t receive an additional payment won’t be cancelled, at least not in the traditional TV sense. They’re welcome to keep going if they can do so without Google’s cash. It’s probably safe to assume, though, that most of the channels that aren’t doing well enough to merit another investment probably won’t be able to find someone else who’ll place as big a bet on them.