EXCLUSIVE: While Starz‘s drama Spartacus is heading into its final chapter with the upcoming Season 3, Spartacus: War Of The Damned, Starz may not be ready to close the book on the successful franchise. I’ve learned that there is talk about a potential Spartacus spinoff series centered on Roman leader Gaius Julius Caesar. The spinoff idea, which is in the nascent stages, is being shepherded by Spartacus executive producer Robert Tapert. Spartacus was the brain child of Tapert and creator/executive producer Steven DeKnight, who is busy with another project, the hot sci-fi drama Incursion, which is on fast-track development at Starz.

Caesar is being introduced on the upcoming third and final season of Spartacus, which premieres January 25. The character, played by Australian actor Todd Lasance, is adding star power and a formidable new nemesis for the famous gladiator despite the fact there is no hard evidence that Caesar actually was involved in the campaign to put down the Spartacus-led slave rebellion, as he is on the show. Spartacus: War Of The Damned could serve as a nice starting-off point for a spinoff as it features a young Caesar who is yet to begin his ascent toward ruling the Roman state.

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Spartacus, Starz’s biggest original series with more than 6 million viewers tuning in for each episode on various platforms, already spawned a successful prequel limited series, Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena. The series also was able to overcome the loss of its original star, Andy Whitfield, who died of cancer, and continued for two more seasons with Liam McIntyre in the title role.