Los Angeles and New York (November 5, 2012)- The Screen Actors Guild Foundation (SAG Foundation) today announced that it has partnered with the Screen Actors Guild Motion Picture Players Welfare Fund (SAG MPPWF) to create a Superstorm Sandy Emergency Assistance Fund specifically to provide financial support grants to active SAG-AFTRA members affected by the recent hurricane.

The SAG Foundation has provided initial funding through a $100,000 contribution that is being matched by an identical $100,000 from the SAG MPPWF for a total available assistance pool of $200,000. The Actors Fund is partnering with the SAG Foundation and SAG MPPWF in this much-needed effort and will provide the social services and coordinate the grant reviews and approvals. Checks will be made available for in-person pick-up at SAG-AFTRA’s New York local office within days.

The process has been minimized to speed relief to those in need and consists of a quick, confidential and non-invasive application and consultation to establish need. During the consultation, the social services professionals will also assess each applicant’s need for additional assistance, programs or services.

Affected and eligible SAG-AFTRA members may apply to the fund for cash grants of up to $2,400 from the SAG Foundation and an additional $2,400 from the SAG MPPWF, for a total potential assistance grant of $4,800 per person upon approval. Members are eligible to apply if they are currently active and have paid their dues through the May 2012 billing cycle.

“This was a devastating crisis and people throughout the area are having a very tough time,” said actor and SAG Foundation Board Member Ron Perlman. “That’s why we’re here – to lend a helping hand to SAG-AFTRA members in their time of need. Actors, broadcasters, sound recording artists are all eligible to apply and I look forward to getting help to all SAG-AFTRA members.”

Longtime New Yorker and actor Jane Curtin said, “I see it walking down the street each day and I know that my friends and colleagues – SAG-AFTRA members — are suffering. This is one really great thing we can do to help out.”

“We are grateful to the SAG Motion Picture Players Welfare Fund for partnering with us and co-funding this effort and to The Actors Fund for providing their unparalleled services in supporting SAG-AFTRA members. We expect to be providing relief within a day,” said SAG Foundation President Jo Beth Williams.

“This was an epic storm with devastating consequences to SAG-AFTRA members across this area. We’re pleased to partner with the SAG Foundation on this important effort to provide assistance specifically to affected SAG-AFTRA members,” said SAG MPPWF Chair Maureen Donnelly.

Members in need can apply by contacting The Actors Fund intake services at:

Eastern Region 212.221.7300 ext. 119 or intakeny@actorsfund.org

No SAG-AFTRA membership dues are being used to service or administer the Superstorm Sandy Emergency Assistance Fund.