The News Corp CEO, a vigorous supporter of the GOP presidential candidate, seems resigned to the prospect that his guy will lose. “Everybody searching for any scrap of news about election tomorrow,” he just tweeted. While there are “plenty of straws to grasp for Romney, probably not enough.” That’s a shift from yesterday when he tweeted: “Seems slight edge to [President] Obama, but Romney seeing small late surge. Many state polls look unreliable.” He also wrote that there’s “Contradictory evidence from all over. Impossible for any sensible person to make confident prediction.” On Saturday the exec whose company includes the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and Fox News lamented that “Monolithic media will spend next three days pushing Obama, but final outcome far from certain. Early voting patterns look very different.” He also observed: “Just look at European welfare state and broken countries. Some want US to follow, others not. Why can’t we debate civilly?”