Feature film and TV exec Michael Hefferon has joined CGI animation studio Rainmaker Entertainment as president and executive producer. The announcement by Rainmaker Chairman and CEO Craig Graham reflects the Vancouver-based company’s growth in animation services and original productions such as its partnership with The Weinstein Company on Escape From Planet Earth. As head of Rainmaker, Hefferon joins Kim Dent Wilder, SVP production and operations. Hefferon joins Rainmaker Entertainment from Bardel Entertainment where he oversaw numerous productions and associations with broadcasters worldwide. Separately, Bardel Entertainment CEO Delna Bhesania was appointed to Rainmaker’s board of directors.

Hefferon previously held executive positions at Australian CGI animator Flying Bark Productions and Germany’s BFC Berliner Film Companie Productions where he also was co-producer on the animated feature Happily N’ever After. Hefferon was also founder and president of Phoenix Animation which produced Fern Gully The Last Rainforest, Thumbelina, A Goofy Movie and All Dogs Go To Heaven II. Hefferon will continue to serve as exec producer on his current TV series projects with Bardel.