Don Groves is a Deadline contributor based in Sydney.

Danish producer Lene Børglum and her producing partner Nicolas Winding Refn plan to shoot Trafficker, an Australian movie set in the Vietnamese-run drug world, in Oz next year. The film will mark the feature directing debut of English cinematographer Larry Smith, who shot three of Refn’s films — thriller Fear X, Bronson which starred Tom Hardy as a notorious English criminal, and his latest Only God Forgives, a crime thriller set in Bangkok, which features Ryan Gosling and Kristin Scott Thomas. The script is by Singaporean Ken Kwek, who wrote The Blue Mansion, a 2009 murder mystery directed by Glen Goei, about a wealthy Asian tycoon who dies suddenly, which Smith photographed.  Børglum and Smith, who’s also a commercials director, attended last week’s Australian screen producers’ conference in Melbourne aiming to drum up support from financiers and distributors, and they spent time scouting locations. Børglum and Refn’s Space Rocket Nation will co-produce with veteran Aussie producer Sue Milliken, whose credits include The Odd Angry Shot, The Fringe Dwellers, Black Robe and Paradise Road.